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We aim to create a more sustainable and improved knowledge for farmers and the community. We are building a powerful community to create a better future for people and nature. 

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Geotamu - enjoy good coffee

Geotamu coffee is registered in 2022 by specialized coffee experts from the production level up to the cup and shipping until it reaches the final customers locally and abroad, cultivated by farmers who have been educated on how to produce high-quality coffee from various coffee growing regions in Tanzania.

The company aims to provide customers with the most demanding and high-quality coffee.

quality profiles


BEAN QUALITY: Grayish green, heavy with very good appearance. CUP: In the cup, Kilimanjaro coffee has a pleasant aroma, rich in acidity and body, and sweet taste with balance flavors due to mineral nutrients from the volcanic soils

mbinga coffees

BEAN QUALITY: Heavy greenish beans. CUP: Light medium acidity and body, fruity taste good and floral aromatic - Water used in washing coffee originate from springs in Matengo highlands near Lake Nyasa enhancing a good taste of coffee.


BEAN QUALITY: Heavy greenish beans, yellowish silver skin due to very good repining. CUP: Light medium acidity and body, fruity taste, good and floral aromatic due to good and favourable climatic conditions of the Southern highlands in South West of Rift valley


BEAN QUALITY: Bold, heavy green beans, and two beans in cherry, free from defects. CUP: Medium acidity and body, pleasant aroma, and fine flavors due to favorable environmental conditions.


BEAN QUALITY: Heavy greenish brownish free from defects. CUP: Light medium acidity, great body with a cleaner favor that is more uniform and neutral, long lasting lush, golden creaminess exalts the distinctive sweetness with its prolonged after taste.

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